• The 2016 Pin Hunt

    We offered weekly clues for great prizes.

Our Fun 2016 Pin Hunt

Pumpkin Pin Hunt

Event Sponsors: Town of Carefree and the Carefree/Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce

Local businesses will be hiding limited edition Pumpkin Pins around the Town limits of Carefree. Visitors and residents are encouraged to read the weekly clues, find the pin and claim their prize. The pins will be hidden in non-dangerous locations on public property. The pins can be anywhere, indoors, outdoors, in the vicinity of Carefree. Businesses can register online at CarefreeCaveCreek.org.

Pin Hunt Prizes

  • Carefree Coffee Roastery: Five $10 Gift Certificates – PIN FOUND!
  • Easy Street Galleria: $50 Gift Certificate for Art Classes – PIN FOUND!
  • The English Rose Tea Room: $50 Gift Certificate – PIN FOUND!
  • Giordano’s Trattoria Romana Ristorante: $50 Gift Certificate – PIN FOUND!
  • L Skincare: $50 Gift Certificate – PIN FOUND!
  • Revital-AZ Laser and Med Spa: 1 Free Coolsculpting cycle ($750 Value) – PIN FOUND!
  • Sue Bickerdyke Interiors & Furnishings: Custom Created Scarecrows ($750 value) – PIN FOUND!
  • The Speakeasy: $50 Gift Certificate – PIN FOUND!
  • Tech4Life: 1 Free Hour of Technology Support or Technology Training at your place or ours. ($100 value) – PIN FOUND!
  • Town of Carefree: Enchanted Pumpkin Garden gifts ($50 value) – PIN FOUND!

Anyone who finds a pin must bring it to the local business to claim the prize and contact the Town who will then place your name in the big drawing for the GRAND PRIZE.

The grand prize winner will be chosen and  announced at the Enchanted Pumpkin Garden on October 29th at 1:00 p.m., in the Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion. Ray Villafane will be presenting a hand-carved pumpkin valued at $2,500 to the winner!

All winners will be invited to a ceremony at the Enchanted Pumpkin Festival, Saturday, October 29, 2016 in the Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion to take a group picture and celebrate their findings!

Example of pin for the Pin Hunt

Pin Hunt Clues

Clues are released every Monday in the month of October by 5 pm here on the website, the kiosk located in the Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion and on the Town of Carefree’s Facebook page.

  • Monday, October 3rd
  • Monday, October 10th
  • Monday, October 17th
  • Monday, October 24th Click for clues

Once a Pumpkin Pin is found, an announcement will be posted here, on the Town of Carefree’s Facebook page, and on CarefreeCaveCreek.org. Until then, contestants are encouraged to maintain their searched vigorously and not be swayed by others who claim he or she or someone else has already found a Pin.

Pin Hunt Rules

Click here to download the Pumpkin Pin Hunt’s rules.

Event Sponsors

Have Questions? Call 480.488.3686

This Week’s Clues

Clue for Pin #8: PIN FOUND!

Round and round we go.
Have a hunger growing below.
What’s for dinner?
I think I know!

Clue for Pin #9: PIN FOUND!

In old days Coyote was bright green,
and how he came to be the color of rust, was this way:

One day he was walking along looking for something to eat, and he came to a waterfall.
And there he saw a giant scorpion.
It hopped about and sang:
“This water is beautiful! And beautiful I am too!”
“Scorpion,” cried Coyote, “you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!
Tell me how you changed.”
“I went into the water four times, and sang a magic song,” said the scorpion,
“and the fourth time I was beautiful.”
“Scorpion,” said Coyote, “teach me your song, for I also wish to be beautiful.”
So scorpion taught Coyote its song, and he jumped into the waterfall and bathed four times.
The fourth time all his hair dropped off. Of course he was frightened and ran.
He did not look where he was going,
and suddenly he hit something big and the color of rust.
When he got up he was all rust-colored!
And that is the reason why ever since that day all Coyotes have been the color of rust.

Clue for Pin #10: PIN FOUND!

Pumpkins abound and frolic around Town
While a scarecrow and his steed are ready to impede,
No time to “bale”, as the music avails.
The flowers are in bloom, so you can assume
It’s time for some fun, underneath the Carefree “black” sun.

2016 Halloween Activities

Jelly Belly BeanBoozled® Challenge
Craft Beer Garden
Family Carving Nights
Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest
Picasso Arts and Crafts
Face Painting
Adopt a Pumpkin

Town of Carefree’s
Enchanted Pumpkin Garden

October 20 – October 29, 2017
101 Easy Street, Carefree AZ 85377

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