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The Halloween spirit abounded in the form of whimsical pumpkin carvings from master carver Ray Villafane last year. Our 2018 event will be October 19th – 28th and we will be updating this page soon. This year’s Carefree Enchanted Pumpkin Garden will be open to the public with beautiful, intricate pumpkin carvings displayed throughout the 4-acre Carefree Desert Gardens and best of all, admission is FREE!

2017 Press Releases

Massive 672 Pound Carved Pumpkin: October 2017

Enchanted Pumpkin Garden: September 2017

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Food Network Magazine

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Arizona Republic

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Phoenix Area Map cover, Fall 2017

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Through the Eyes of Ray Villafane

Televised 2016 Coverage

ESPN Monday Night Football

Paola Acuna carves a massive 400 lb. pumpkin for the Carefree Enchanted Pumpkin Garden.

Channel 12 Arizona Midday

Ray Villafane, master pumpkin carver, is showcased at the Carefree Enchanted Pumpkin Garden.

Fox 10 News

Morning host Cory McCloskey at the First Annual Carefree Enchanted Pumpkin Garden.

Sonoran Living LIVE

Ray Villafane from the Carefree Enchanted Pumpkin Garden provides pumpkin carving tips.

Good Morning Arizona

Channel 3 features Ray Villafane from the Carefree Enchanted Pumpkin Garden.

Channel 12 EVB LIVE

Ray Villafane master carver at the Carefree’s Enchanted Pumpkin Garden shows his creation in studio.

EVB LIVE Channel 12

Ray Villafane shares his famous carving techniques and will be featured at Carefree’s Enchanted Pumpkin Garden.

ESPN Monday Night Football

The Carefree Enchanted Pumpkin Garden received national coverage during October 26th Monday Night Football. John Gruden, ESPN’s broadcast analyst, poses with the self portrait pumpkin carved by master carver Ray Villafane.

ABC Channel 15 Sonoran Living

Ray Villafane was showcased in the studio and provided interesting and helpful pumpkin carving tips. Watch the video segment.

Fox 10 Morning Show

The Morning Show with Cory McCloskey visited the Carefree Enchanted Pumpkin Garden event located at the Carefree Desert Gardens with a walk through the Carefree Desert Gardens and a personal interview of Ray Villafane. Watch the video segment.

NBC 12 News EVB Live

Carefree’s Enchanted Pumpkin Garden event with world-renowned pumpkin carver Ray Villafane and Gina Kaegi, the Town of Carefree’s Director of Marketing and Communications was featured on a 12 News EVB Live segment with Mark Curtis. Ray demonstrated his carving skill and showcased 2 whimsical pumpkin carvings.

3TV AZ Family

Jaime Cerreta visited the Carefree Enchanted Pumpkin Garden. Pictured with Gina Kaegi, the Town of Carefree’s Director of Marketing and Communications and world-renowned pumpkin carver Ray Villafane.

Ray Villafane’s Clients

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Contact Vicki Zimmerman at the Town of Carefree 480.488.3686 or send an email for media inquiries.

Town of Carefree’s
Enchanted Pumpkin Garden

October 19 – October 28, 2018
101 Easy Street, Carefree AZ 85377

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